Artist Statement

Through a restructuring of time and space I seek to alchemize chaos into harmonious contradiction.  My work ponders the sublime and represents the void between polarities, the known and the unknown, the material and spiritual.  It softens to the sensitive experience of qualia-the subjective phenomena of consciousness through the senses; luring the viewer in through their own sensations to perceive their own emotions reflecting back at them.

Within a continued exploration of consciousness and energy I have created pieces inspired by such philosophical concepts including Matrika Shakti, the Internet (World Wide Web), Zen Buddhism, gender/identity, Yogic philosophy, sexuality, death, and synesthesia-to say the least.  Seeking to answer . . . how do we transcend duality? The moment in which we pierce through that veil dividing our physical existence and divine inspiration is where I seek meaning. 

My process is intertwined with abstract experimentation.  Each painting begins with a different approach-may that be through reversing color, dimension, or form, etc. Exemplifying on this need for novelty, different shapes and brushstrokes create hyper-stimulating qualities that juxtapose with more realist, composite forms.  Backgrounds extend into foregrounds-and vice versa. By using vivid colors contrast is optimized in order to further enhance/distort the illusion of space. 

A linear perspective eludes me as I source inspiration from the Internet, dreams, and daily, conscious life.  A cross-reference between realms questions the placement of time while challenging linear timelines altogether.  Without time, what is our guide? How do our days unfold? What lies between life and death? Amongst these questions a spirit of inquisition and introspection is maintained as ambivalence is shared between both process and product; artist and viewer.


  • Bēhance



Richmond, Virginia

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