Samantha Catron is a self-taught painter who currently maintains a studio in Virginia.  Born in 1994 in North Carolina, she has been influenced by her conservative, working class roots from the coasts near Camp Lejeune throughout Appalachia to defy social norms and seek out revolution in the day-to-day.  


Particularly working with acrylic, gouache, and oil paint she thrives on experimentation and exploring the raw process of creating composition with a focus on boldness and contradiction.  With a philosophical approach her work represents the ambivalence of life’s wonder and reality may that be through the world of vice and pleasure or of solitude and internal alchemy.

She is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University where she studied Political Science and Religious Studies. Emphasizing how different ideas and paradigms can inform her art, she explores shifts in perspective through dimension and form.  By intertwining politics, spirituality, and aesthetics she challenges herself to use art as an expression of activism and empathy.

She was most recently a member of The Silos Artist Collective in Richmond, VA.  She has exhibited work at Artemis Gallery, the Biennial Juried exhibition at ArtSpace Gallery, ArtWorks All-Media Group Juried show, and has completed several commissioned murals.  Her work is showcased in private collections in New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, Virginia, North Carolina and Brazil.


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Richmond, Virginia

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